`module.hot.accept(…, () => …)` is never called

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What is the current behavior?

The following modules couldn’t be hot updated… the only thing that appears to work is if I list no deps, i.e. module.hot.accept() but that breaks rendering in my case, can’t just rerun the file.

I have dep chain like this.

main -> requires/imports -> routes
routes -> requires/imports -> pages/index
pages/index -> requires/imports -> pages/Home

Home is changed (React and hot loader is used):

In main there’s a module.hot.accept('./routes', () => ...)

However, get warning The following modules couldn't be hot updated

And it’s referring to pages/Home but it should have been handled through routes because that’s how it arrived in main

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Not generally reproducible.

What is the expected behavior?

That module.hot.accept get’s called and that the module is hot updated.

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Countless hours wasted here trying to get it to work without any guide on how to improve the situation. I would like to put together a guide for troubleshooting these issues, something indepth and technical enough so that you can work your way through the problem, right now, I’m just lost with insufficent information from webpack, I have built two identical setups, one works there other doesn’t but there’s nothing there to help me sort out why, I know this probably is a mistake nested somewhere in my setup but I cannot find it, I’ve spent the better part of 3 days trying to chase this down and it’s not the first time I spend a lot of time trying to understand why HMR isn’t working. So, I would really appricate some help trying to root cause this and improving the situation for the future.

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Latest version of webpack. 3.5.5

Author: Fantashit

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