Modal backdrop doesn’t fade in

Bug description:

When opening a modal, the backdrop should fade in (as per the example in the Bootstrap docs:, however it just appears immediately.

From looking at the code, Bootstrap creates its backdrop with the ‘modal-backdrop’ and ‘fade’ classes, adds it to the DOM, and then adds the ‘show’ class, whereas in ng-bootstrap the backdrop is created with all three classes already on it.

Link to minimally-working StackBlitz that reproduces the issue: (this is the one from the documentation for the modal component:

Versions of Angular, ng-bootstrap and Bootstrap:

Angular: 7.0.0

ng-bootstrap: 4.0.2

Bootstrap: 4

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  1. Hello @tbickley-mediabowl, unfortunately we don’t support yet animations. None of them 😞
    We are working on it (you can search issues like #295 and PR’s about that such as #2817 for example.)

    Sorry about that.
    Closing for now as duplicate of other issues related to that topic.