Missing an equivalent to Angular 1 $compile


I’m trying to move from Angular 1 to Angular 2 beta. One of the things I did for Angular 1 was to write a wrapper around a third party grid. This grid allowed me to specify templates for columns so I was able to let the grid output Angular directives/bindings like for example ng-click for each row. These bindings of course only worked after I ran $compile on the DOM element created by the grid.

Now I’m trying to do something similar with ng2 using for example (click) to try to bind to a method in my component. This seems to have the same problem of not being recognized by ng2 because it was added to the DOM after the “parsing of the DOM for ng2 markers” has already finished. But after searching for something like $compile to fix this I just came up with the answer that there is no equivalent. There was some suggestion to use DynamicComponentLoader but since I’m not the one who adds the elements to the DOM but the 3rd party library I don’t think that will help me.

Is there something I’ve missed or are there any plans to add something similar to $compile?


4 thoughts on “Missing an equivalent to Angular 1 $compile

  1. That can’t be right, it would make angular2 completely unusable for any site using any kind of end user generated content, I’ve been using components like this everywhere in my cms.