Migrate Python dependency From Python 2 to Python 3


Python 2 is being deprecated by Debian and Ubuntu, in favor of Python 3, in a move toward not shipping Python 2 at all. (Python 2 is already End-Of-Life’d by the Python maintainers *). In the long term, it will help Atom stay installable/working on these distros to specify a Python 3 dependency (in addition to or instead of Python 2). Even longer-term, Python 2 will no-longer be available, so it will make sense to drop it entirely. If Python 2 gives Atom any trouble in the medium-term, it can simply be dropped.


Doing this keeps Atom installable and working on newer distros/operating systems.

Furthermore, making sure the build process doesn’t require Python 2 makes it easy to continue building Atom once Python 2 is End-of-Life’d.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

  • Un-bundle node-gyp and remove any other usage of Python from within this package.
  • OR: Allow users to install Atom on all platforms without requiring Python on their system.

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