menu does not work


menu component doesn’t work

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Steps to reproduce

started expo template
put formal code for menu
no error but didn’t work

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  • Android
  • CRA
  • Expo
  • iOS
  • Next

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Additional Information

the menu does not work for me I tried every way but the pressable icon does not do anything I started new expo project and pasted your formal code but nothing happen
<Box h="80%%" w="90%%" alignItems="flex-start"> <Menu closeOnSelect={false} w="190" onOpen={() => console.log("opened")} onClose={() => console.log("closed")} trigger={triggerProps => { return <Pressable {...triggerProps}> <HamburgerIcon /> </Pressable>; }}> <Menu.OptionGroup defaultValue="Arial" title="free" type="radio"> <Menu.ItemOption value="Arial">Arial</Menu.ItemOption> <Menu.ItemOption value="Nunito Sans">Nunito Sans</Menu.ItemOption> <Menu.ItemOption value="Roboto">Roboto</Menu.ItemOption> </Menu.OptionGroup> <Divider mt="3" w="100%%" /> <Menu.OptionGroup title="paid" type="checkbox"> <Menu.ItemOption value="SF Pro">SF Pro</Menu.ItemOption> <Menu.ItemOption value="Helvetica">Helvetica</Menu.ItemOption> </Menu.OptionGroup> </Menu> </Box>

2 thoughts on “menu does not work

  1. This wasted my whole day in figuring out what was causing the freeze. It turned out to be Menu component, it was working fine earlier. You are overalying some kind of component on top of everything, so back button press becomes necessary to remove that from navigation stack.

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