Memory Leak Sadness

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OSX 10.11.6

Current behavior:
Recurrent builds (webpack-dev-server) with this plugin causes a memory leak which eventually crashes Node.js

Expected/desired behavior:
I would not expect this plugin to introduce a memory leak as I am not retaining any references. Does creating a child compiler cause a leak somehow?

Using the following plugin: Which uses the assets output by the webpack build to create a service worker in a template like fashion.

    new ServiceWorkerPlugin({
      entry: './src/sw',
      output: 'sw.js'

This plugin works as expected, however when used with webpack-dev-server every build grows memory until node eventually kills the process.

  • What is the expected behavior?

Memory to state stable as it does without this plugin.

  • What is the motivation / use case for changing the behavior?

Maybe behavior doesn’t need to change? Maybe I just need better understanding of the child compiler API or a different way to solve this problem?

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Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Memory Leak Sadness

  1. @TheLarkInn dude! Don’t apologize, I am just so grateful for your help and enthusiasm. Fixing this is my full time job starting tomorrow (finally got my other tasks done for this sprint), I just know very little about webpack internals and why creating a child compiler would create a webpack leak so wanted to share it with people with more insight than me 😀

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