Memory Leak on minimal express server

Hi everyone,

I’m confronted to a really weird problem.
I just create a whole new projet, I use express generator to generate my app squeleton.
I use Node v 10.15, NPM 6.4.1, Express-generator 4.16.1 and view Engine EJS.

I didn’t do huge changements, some default things like adding a console.log on server listening and add some usefull basics package like dotenv.
I didn’t create new routes or controller and I don’t configured an ORM or a DB connection.

But when I’m launching Apache Benchmark on this minimal express server, I’ve memory leak detected after ~400K requests.

I use node-memleak to detect it and here is the results :



Sooo what’s the problem ? Why I have a memory leak on a minimal server where there is no modifications ?

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2 thoughts on “Memory Leak on minimal express server

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for long answer, I was really busy lately. I actually wasn’t able to identify from where it come from nor in which case it appears due to lack of time.

    I’m actually working with another express.js app and I didn’t load node-memleak to detect leaks but for the moment it doesn’t appear that the app have some memory problems.

    So you can actually close this issue if you want, i’ll reopen it when i’ll be able to spent more time on this issue

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