Matrix4.makePerspective() is never used

I’m updating the Matrix4 docs and there’s a method called Matrix4.makePerspective( fov, aspect, near, far )

Internally this calculates the values of left, right, top and bottom and calls
Matrix4.makeFrustum( left, right, bottom, top, near, far )
and it looks like it is intended for use in PerspectiveCamera.updateProjectionMatrix()

However the PerspectiveCamera calculates its own versions of left, right, top and bottom in a slightly more complex way, taking into account zoom, view (if set) and filmOffset, and then calls Matrix4.makeFrustum directly.

So it seems that Matrix4.makePerspective() is superfluous – is there a use case that I am missing?

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Matrix4.makePerspective() is never used

  1. We have Matrix4 methods to create a rotation matrix, a translation matrix, a scale matrix, a shear matrix, etc., so why not have methods to create an orthographic projection matrix and a perspective projection matrix?

    Maybe makeFrustum could be renamed MakePerspective. (Thing is, the order of the args is different than those in MakeOrthographic… That’s unfortunate.)

    makePerspective, then, could be removed. It is just a different way of parameterizing the args. I am not sure if users rely on it or not.

    This is sort of a mess, but I do not have a strong opinion on this one.

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