Make callout visibility controlled / declarative

This is a similar wish to this:

I understand that we have the showCallout method but this seems to be an imperative way to do so, plus it needs to know when the marker is rendered, etc.

I would expect something like this (showsCalloutOnLoad property):


If more than one marker uses this property then only one of them shows the callout (the last one loaded?), since you do not support multiple open callouts. Obviously, we can have checks to make sure that only the marker that interests the user will have this property as true on render.

2 thoughts on “Make callout visibility controlled / declarative

  1. Along similar lines, is it possible to enable/disable the callout for an annotation? My use case is that I want a marker to be displayed, but not tappable (i.e., no callout appears when the marker is tapped).

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