Loop vfx will cut audio unexpectedly

The bug

When using the loop vfx with an n smaller than 1 (or a duration smaller than original duration),
the audio clip will cut unexpectedly.

from moviepy.editor import *

PATH = ""
vid = VideoFileClip(PATH)
vid = vid.fx(vfx.loop, n=0.5)


# The resulting file length will be half of the original, as intended.
# However, In the rendered file, the audio will cut halfway through! (a quarter of original duration)


  • Python Version: 3.6
  • Moviepy Version: 2.0.0.dev2
  • Platform Name: Windows 10
  • Platform Version: 10.0

1 possible answer(s) on “Loop vfx will cut audio unexpectedly

  1. @RealA10N , @tburrows13 I was able to reproduce this for the current moviepy version.
    PR #1373 should fix this.
    I used big_buck_bunny_0_30.webm found in media folder for video clip and on giving n=0.5, the clip is generated fine. Audio is not cut halfway.