Load DirectX Animated model

Hello Ricardo

If ThreeJS can load classic DirectX models, it would be great, and im glad to donate for this, as i need for my project.

I find Jey created xfileloader, it works great for non-animated models, but animation of my models does not load correctly, i hope you guys work on DirectX animated models format, i find DirectX is classic and primary for a lot of developers.

Here is example of DirectX model, hopefully it could be loaded on ThreeJS someday as i hope.

Thanks for your time,
good luck!

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Load DirectX Animated model

  1. I confirm XLoader is good enough. i should give thanks again to [adrs2002]

    i personally still in love with the old DirectX format. so it’s good to mention this Xloader under ThreeJS loaders.

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