Links with external protocol in “new-window” event becomes “about:blank”

I have an embedded webview that contains a link, like this:

<a target="_blank" href="skype:Charlie_Hess?call"></a>

And am trying to handle that link externally using the new-window event:

this.wv.addEventListener('new-window', (e) => {

Unfortunately, e.url in this case is just "about:blank" and the source element is the webview. So I don’t have a simple way to get at the original href, and all of our protocol links are dead. Would it be reasonable to modify the new-window event to include more information (e.g., the source link)?

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  1. Really need to figure out how to resolve this issue. Any updates or workarounds? My specific case is a javascript triggered so i can’t hijack the a link

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