LGTM PRs analysis timeout increase.

Recent LGTM analysis timeouts

All recent PR analysis check on LGTM are getting timeout, I would like to raise the discussion if a timeout increase is necessary for the correct evaluation of test cases.

LGTM docs explains how this can be done under global settings.

I’ve went through all merged PRs that happened between the last PR that correctly analyzed all tests and the first PR that started timing out. I couldn’t locate any relevant changes that would introduce this problem.

Which leads me to believe that timeout are occurring because of the sheer amount of code. Therefore, increasing timeout seems the most logic course of action.

LGTM default timeout is 4 hours, I’m proposing a increase to, at least, 5 hours to verify if the same still occurs.

Author: Fantashit

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  1. Then closing the issue. If the analysis will time out again, it’s better to directly contact the support of lgtm.com.

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