Legend Label Font Size in Line Charts


How can i change the Legend Label Font Size in Line Chart options ?

I can make the legend display or not display via the below option change:

legend:{display: true},

But as soon as I try to change the legend label Font Size it doesn’t work, i have tried the following but doesn’t work:

legend:{display: true, fontsize:40},
legend:{display: true, labels: {fontsize:40}},
legend:{display: true, _labels_fontSize:40},
legend:{display: true, labels[fontSize:40]},
labels:{fontSize: 40},
legend:{display: true, labels: [fontSize:40]},

Im using Chart.js 2.0.0-beta2

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Legend Label Font Size in Line Charts

  1. I tried
    options:{legend:{display: true,labels:{fontSize:30}}}
    and it works quite well on a line chart under V2.0-dev

    Are you sure you are well in the options ?

    ps : maybe care about the case (the S of fontSize should be capsletter)
    I don’t know if it matters

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