LayoutLM Tensorflow model

🚀 Feature request

It would be great if there was a TF version of the layoutlm. I see there are scripts in the repo to convert PyTorch checkpoints to TF models but I think the requirement is to have a TF model architecture to be able to load PyTorch model’s wights in it.


We are using TF in production and we’d love to be able to use the layoutlm.

Your contribution

I am happy to tackle the conversion.

I was wondering if there are instructions on how to do the conversion properly so that it can be added to the repo.

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  1. We don’t have granular write access to model repos so (unless you’re affiliated with Microsoft in some way) I would suggest you upload the files to a model repo under your HF user account and then we (or them) can copy the relevant files to the main repos!

    Let me know if this is a suitable workflow.