Is there a way to sort a combo chart’s layer ?

Hello, there!
I’m here to ask question once again. Here is the issue:

I create a combo chart combine Bar with Line, and each of them has tooltips. When i hover a single point “in” a single bar, i can not hover over the point but get the tooltip of bar, looks like below:


And it should be supposed like this:


Any ideas? I mean, kind of like xAxesZIndex stuff 😉

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3 thoughts on “Is there a way to sort a combo chart’s layer ?

  1. @etimberg I think it is also better to have a order on the dataset. The current solution of “nearest” of tooltip is not perfect (I tried, and it seems not working).

    In our project, we have quite lot of charts, all of them shares the same colors theme. The line datasetoverride has logic to be put behind bar datasetoverride. We really need the z-index solution for dataset. Thanks.

  2. i’m pretty surprised this hasn’t been changed yet. this seems like a super important feature, to be quite honest. i ran into issues with it after only having used it for about 30-45 mins. i’m guessing this is way harder than it sounds, but could you not just add some kind of zIndex prop to the chart options?

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