Intent to implement WebGL2 support

We’ve been discussing for a while how to address the WebGL2Renderer implementation. But it seems we just keep delaying it because of other priorities and also due to the complexity, that surely will require a decent amount of time and effort to get it done completely.

To help unblocking this issue I have included this feature on my team’s roadmap (mixed reality team at mozilla) to help improving the WebGL & WebXR ecosystem. So you should expect some mozillians working on it not just as their hobby 🙂

I’ve been discussing with @mrdoob to create a Github Project just for WebGL2Renderer so we could keep track of the things being developed for the WebGL2Renderer and make it easy to spot where your help could speed up the release of new features.

In the short term @takahirox has been working on VAO and UBO implementation, identifying the changes that must be done on the current renderer to accommodate them. So we would like to kick off the discussion with these two features.

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  1. I think this can be closed now. Since r118, WebGLRenderer creates a WebGL 2 context by default.

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