Include DTrace probes

It would be interesting to include a DTrace provider and some probes to express, in a similar way as it is already implemented in other frameworks such as resitfy:

  • ‘route-start’: // server_name, route_name, id, method, url, headers (json)
  • ‘handler-start’: // server_name, route_name, handler_name, id
  • ‘handler-done’: // server_name, route_name, handler_name, id
  • ‘route-done’: // server_name, route_name, id, statusCode, headers (json)

Express users could take advantage of these probes in DTrace-enabled operating systems (OSX, Solaris, SmartOS, Oracle Linux, BSD…).

Are you open to contributions in this line?

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Include DTrace probes

  1. I’m going to close this issue as generally stale, due to the age and lack of continued conversation. I see this was even a module published, which us great! If that is not the actual end solution and it is desired, this can be reopened for further discussion of course. It’s been open, but hasn’t materialized any sort of code contribution so far, so I’m not sure it needs to remain open indefinitely.

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