[inappmessaging-display] Allow usage of any image loader.

What feature would you like to see?

I would like firebase-inappmessaging-display to allow plugging in any image loader libraries instead of embedding Picasso by default.
I am currently using Coil (https://github.com/coil-kt/coil), there are many popular image loading libraries.
All of them have non trivial impact on build size, method counts, …

inappmessaging-display could provide two dependencies inappmessaging-display and inappmessaging-display-picasso where inappmessaging-display would not embed an image loading library but enforce client applications to configure a custom one and inappmessaging-display-picasso for users who would like to use inappmessaging-display without any configuration.

How would you use it?

This would help keep our app lean by embedding only one image loader instead of several.

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