In-app messaging popup(Android).java

Step 1: Describe your environment

  • Android device: mi y2
  • Android OS version: 8.1

Step 2: Describe the problem:

Steps to reproduce:

Question 1:-
In this popup the background color is not shown. It is always white (infact I changed the color on firebase console as per guidelines ). How can I change the background color?

Question 2:-
In this popup is always triggering in splash screen. I want it to trigger in main activity. How to do it?

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  1. Hi @Dnyaneshwar1926 @JasonAHeron I am currently facing the same issue and I have tried your method but this does not seem to work for me on all devices, The message is being displayed on Splash as well as Main Activity and message is not being stable on Main Activity as well. The message is being displayed and removed as soon as it is displayed.
    I have made the event trigger on MainActivity open but it is ignoring the Main Activity open call and opening on Splash Activity as well.