7 thoughts on “`import()` support in webpack 2

  1. I’m working on implementing a simple version of this that transforms import function calls to the require.ensure equivalent.

    The issue I’m having now is linting syntax errors. So from what I can tell it’ll require a PR to Babylon, a babel plugin to enable the new syntax, and requiring usage of babel-eslint.

  2. If it’s possible I would like to have the import() instead of System.import in the webpack 2 release.

  3. Harmony modules themselves are not finalized (that’s up to a WHATWG spec, not ECMA), so implementing them at all is already a gray area. As ljharb likes to put it, “modules don’t exist” (yet).

  4. In particular, import() is a lot more finalized (i.e. accepted by browsers) than System.import(), which I am told webpack currently uses. So whatever policy allows webpack to include System.import() support should definitely allow it to include import().

  5. We are stalled on some… interesting… issues. I hope we can work through them tomorrow. We did get consensus not to change the syntax, at least.

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