import Firebase no longer works

[REQUIRED] Step 1: Describe your environment

  • Xcode version: 12.0 beta 2
  • Firebase SDK version: 6.28.1
  • Firebase Component: Whole Firebase framework (Auth, Core, Database, Firestore, Messaging, Storage, etc)
  • Component version: 6.28.1
  • Installation method: CocoaPods (select one)

[REQUIRED] Step 2: Describe the problem

Steps to reproduce:

Just install firebase with some components like functions and firestore, then try to use firestore/functions with imported Firesbase.

What happened? How can we make the problem occur?
This could be a description, log/console output, etc.
After the update, importing Firebase in not enough to use firestore/auth/functions, it looks like import Firebase now do nothing

Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-17 o 14 32 20

But after remove import firebase, and add import for each component then it works
Zrzut ekranu 2020-07-17 o 14 33 24

That is a planned change or bug?

If you have a downloadable sample project that reproduces the bug you’re reporting, you will
likely receive a faster response on your issue.

Relevant Code:

import Fireabse
let functions = Functions.functions() // this case doesn't work

import FirebaseFunctions
let functions = Functions.functions() // this one works

so it looks like the `import Firebase` is useless since new update right?

2 thoughts on “import Firebase no longer works

  1. i have fixed the problem :

    1. close xcode
    2. removing Pods directory
    3. removing xcworkspace directory
    4. launch pod install again
    5. open myproject.xcworkspace

    i suspect that during my first pod install xcode was open