Implementing borders on Buttons

Hey, thank you for making this really cool lib.

I added this to my project and started swapping out TouchableHighlight and TouchableOpacity for RectButton, and noticed that borders weren’t rendering.

Looking at the example, it seems you have borders implemented in some places but not through styles attached to RectButton‘s.
The MainScreen uses FlatList’s ItemSeparatorComponent to render an ItemSeparator component , and the rows / “Table rows & buttons” example uses a “buttonDelimiter” View in between RectButton‘s to represent a bottom border.
Is this the best (or only) way to implement borders?

There was a discussion in #59 and a PR #151 that seem to address issues with borderRadius, but I did not see anything about the border layout props we get in RN (borderWidth, borderColor). Does it have anything to do with the overflow: hidden styles?

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  1. @pcooney10 �I’m facing the issue of border not appearing on Android. It does work well on iOS though.
    style props like borderRadius works, but borderWidth, borderColor does not work on Android