How to use updateConfig


Really liking v2.5.0 (especially being able to update options now). The only problem i’m having is how to call updateConfig. I’ve tried a few different things including:

(for the sake of these examples, the chart instance will be called chartInst)

  • Chart.updateConfig(chartInst)
  • chartInst.updateConfig(newOptions)
  • chartInst.updateConfig()
  • updateConfig(chartInst)

But none of these work and there’s nothing in the documentation to explain how to use this new feature. Is anyone able to give me some insight into how it’s used?

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “How to use updateConfig

  1. @etimberg

    This really simple attempt at updating options fails horribly:

    chart.options = newOptions;

    This would be much less of a headache if the options object (and data, while we’re at it) wasn’t mutated internally…

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