1 thought on “How to set the default horizontal screen?

  1. The apparent desire here is to have the chart change when displayed on a mobile phone, and the phone is rotated to horizontal mode. That is be responsive.

    This is not actually a chartjs question or problem. I have done that by using a responsive html web page, where the size of the html element containing the chartjs canvas changes size based on the web page dimensions. The web browser, html, and css control that, not chartjs. As long as chartjs is set to be responsive, it follows along just fine. The only trick, is to get the triggering dimension correct, so that the web page layout shifts at (and to) appropriate sizes.

    Have a look at this page for an example that currently works. That is not finished, could change, could move. But for now, see what the 4 charts do as the browser window is resized, or shown on mobile phone in portrait and landscape modes. The magic is all in the bootstrap css.

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