How to load extensions automatically in an extension?

Hi there,

We can load extensions by passing –load-extension to NW. It works for only development version, if we want to distribute an app that comes with an extension, it looks not possible. I tried changing CFBundleExecutable but it doesn’t accept any parameters, also pointing to another script fails.

Any workarounds or ideas ?

Author: Fantashit

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  1. For those that arrive here from google: --load-extension is actually a Chromium command line argument, so you can put it in the chromium-args key of the manifest as so:

    "chromium-args": "--enable-logging=stderr --load-extension='./relative/path/to/ppbllmlcmhfnfflbkbinnhacecaankdh'". Somewhat surprisingly, I got this to work on Windows 7 with a relative path with forward slashes.

    Lesson: you don’t need a script to include a chrome extension in your nw.js app!

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