HLS on Safari / IOS now not working

I apologise if there is nothing you can do. I am very certain in my tests HLS has been working and suddenly is now not.

I am using the CORS proxy hack here so CORS isn’t a problem. I don’t need to use the CORS proxy in WebView IOS apps and even there rendering is an issue.

Is there a WebGL fix that can be applied to get HLS rendering in WebGL ? I will try the canvas renderer to see if it helps. I know there is a requirement for double drawing of the canvas to get a frame up when using drawImage but this isn’t an issue with Mp4 files.

The example is here


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  1. We fixed a lot of issues with video -> texture in iOS 11.3 (and the equivalent macOS release). Sorry if we didn’t close/update the bugs.

    Please let me know if you’re still seeing issues. I believe that direct streams (e.g. mp4) and HTTP Live Streams should both work, and flipy should be accurately reflected.

  2. A little while ago (~ May 2018) I too was experiencing the following issues with HLS (? <= 11.2):

    • Segments of video sometimes repeat during playback
    • Videos sometimes pause and display a black screen
    • Videos buffers but audio continues

    After having contact with Vimeo (I am using their HLS service) they were able to contact the Apple development team and work together on a fix.

    We’ve just received word from Apple’s development team that a new version of iOS (11.3.1) has been released, which includes a fix for the playback issues you reported. The fix should prevent videos from stopping on a black screen, repeating segments of video, or getting caught in an endless loading state.

    I noticed that when I supplied H264 encoded MP4 as source during uploading the playback issues went away on iOS versions lower than 11.3.1. I experienced issues when using Quicktime as an input format during uploading.

    I spotted some differences between the manifests generated by each video file (the video codecs namely “avc1.64001E,mp4a.40.2” for the working one versus “hvc1.2.4.L63.90,mp4a.40.2” for the non-working one).

    Perhaps this information is useful to anyone.

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