High DPI handling (blurry window content due to scaling)

Hi guys,

I am working on a laptop with a high DPI screen (Sony Vaio Pro 13, 1920×1080 resolution,166 PPI), and many programs that don’t cater for it will be automatically scaled up by Windows (and assume other OS’s as well?).

Here’s what that looks like on Win8.1 build, with the example of pane titles:

Now, of course I can turn the scaling off in the atom.exe compatibility settings which makes the typography much smaller though, and I wanted to log this issue anyway, in case someone knows what to do about it in core.

Also, note that the tree view does not suffer from this, nor the actual code in the editor panes, btw.


3 thoughts on “High DPI handling (blurry window content due to scaling)

  1. Have you tried the --enable-use-zoom-for-dsf flag instead? This fixes a very similar issue in Google Chrome and VS Code for me. With the editor, adding the --disable-gpu flag was also required.

    Eventually zoom for DSF should be enabled by default. See crbug.com/485650.

  2. The DPI scaling issue has been known for two years now – I’ve seen several issues beating around the bush, referencing now closed future features. On Windows 10 Pro, with scaling set to 150%% in Windows because of my 28″ 4K monitor, it’s nearly unusable. It scales to the correct size, but all the text and UI components are blurry. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about! Of course, you can change the comparability settings to make it scale 1:1, but that’s unseasonably small for me. The HighDPI plugin does work to an extent (it’s not perfect by any means, and it hasn’t been developed for Windows.. but it works), but it seems like those of us with High DPI monitors have to compromise in our editor choice when we use Atom with this big monitors. Does anyone know when this will “Just Work” ™? I know there are mentions of the Chromium bug with per-monitor DPI scaling not switching properly between displays, but that’s sort of ignoring the point that scaling to a high DPI with the OS’s settings doesn’t work automatically in the first place. Unless I’m missing something, and I totally could be, is this fix in the works or still just sort of projected down the road? I love Atom, and I’d hate to leave it for short time over this!

    Some other notable culprits of improper DPI scaling are Office 2016 and Spotify. I was hoping three years after my first foray into high DPI that things had sharpened up a bit (heh heh), but apparently not.

  3. It seems that a lot of the issues relating to overall size, proportions and bluriness on high dpi are now gone with the exception of ClearType/font smoothing which is being tracked on the other issues referenced.

    I’m proposing we close this issue down now and raise very specific ones for remaining issues as it’s not clear what’s left to do here.