HELP WANTED: Need UMD global builds for RxJS 7 (experimental branch)


Help creating the global umd files for people that want to use script tags and use everything…

Needs to output:

  • package/bundles/rxjs.umd.js
  • package/bundles/
  • package/bundles/rxjs.umd.min.js
  • package/bundles/

We don’t want

  • Weird webpack:// urls in the source maps file. source map paths must be relative to the bundle like ../src/*.
  • Minified versions that don’t actually set rxjs in global scope (This seems to be the default with webpack 🤷‍♂️ )


  • There’s already an npm script called build:umd. It should work there.
  • The general idea of what exists is to copy sources to package/src and build from that, since that directory needs to be there anyhow.
  • Needs to work as part of npm run build. We don’t want to change anything else about the build script, it’s building everything else (seemingly) just fine.
  • Can’t additionally alter the structure of package/. Everything that’s being put there in the build process needs to be there.
  • Just needs to put bundles and their sourcemaps under package/bundles
  • We don’t want or need a whole bunch of new npm scripts
  • Needs to work on Windows.

Experimental branch can be found at:

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