Hello mrdoob – What are some ThreeJS Editor Expansion areas ..

Hi mrdoob, on January 20th I will be recommending that my software team work on the ThreeJS editor as part of the 2017 Global Game Jam, for our Jam site at Fitchburg State University. There may be as many as 40 software engineers, 2d- and 3d Artists– all working together under the Creative Commons v4 license.

Are there any areas, you wish us to focus on (I’ve already fixed a few 😉

Here are some features which I am focusing ..

  1. Menubar.File.js – Downloads more than 1 file at a time (FIXED): With the following code:

a = setInterval(function(){
savestring( JSON_stringify( files[0]._blob ), files[0]._name);
}, 150)

  1. An inference engine for the js physics (engines) library, capable of matching user spline paths to available scripts with library.

  2. An XML-inspired trace editor which infers code based on user-generated call-graphs (stack traces), eg:

WebGL.Context.2D.Font.FontStyle.Text;(“24 pt Calibri”);
WebGL.Context.2D.Font.Position.posX.float;( 70 );
WebGL.Context.2D.Font.Position.posY.float;( 70 );
WebGL.Context.2D.Font.FillText.Text;(“Hello World! My first WebGL!”);

..infers that the project requires an HTML canvas, using a 2d context. Only the necessary libraries (and Properties!) will be imported, iff desired, for lean gl. All of this will be performed visually, of course 🙂

  1. Incorporate a scriptable physics, sound, lighting and mechanics engines, based on user-generated 3-d space hand traces, etc

  2. Revert from app.json to project.json — where Project.json includes only the “names” and file-extensions of the files necessary to import the project. In this way, afterwards, projects remain hand-editable and also extensible.

  3. More codemirror themes ..

  4. And much much more .. !

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