Hand meshes no longer appearing

Describe the bug

Hand tracking demos from https://threejs.org/examples/ no longer display hands. I noticed the issue starting today and suspect there’s been an update to the Oculus browser. However I can’t find any actual dates on their release notes page: https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/oculus-browser/browser-release-notes/

I’m assuming the change is on Oculus’s end as I’ve not changed versions of threejs (r124) for the past few weeks and the issue began today. I also noticed that previously, I needed to enable hand tracking in the oculus browser’s chrome://flags however when I tried loading the demos today, the browser displays a permissions dialog at the bottom to allow hand tracking.

Maybe Oculus is moving this out of experimental and into a normal feature with permissions which would be nice, however they might have changed their implementation and now WebglRenderer.xr.getHand() will need to be updated. Aside from not being able to see the hands, I’m also getting errors trying to read the joint information inside the render loop.

To Reproduce

Visit any of the VR hand tracking demos from http://threejs.org/examples
Pay attention to whether the browser prompts you to enable hands or not (I believe this is related to the issue)
See if your hands appear or not.


  • Device: Oculus Quest 1 (waiting for colleagues to test Quest 2, will update issue after)
  • Browser: Oculus Browser
  • Three.js version: Assuming latest (whichever version examples are currently using)

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  1. Ah thanks! I should have searched the forums as well the github issues. Glad you’re aware of it and thanks for the hard work!