HackIllinois 2021 Open Source Fellowship mentoring

Just got this email:

My name is Rishin and I am one of the Directors of HackIllinois- the largest hackathon in the Midwestern United States with a focus on Open Source initiatives. Today, I am reaching out to invite you or another member of the Pandas team to be a mentor for a new Open Source Fellowship program we’re organizing from February 15th-March 5th, 2021!

HackIllinois has long been an Open Source hackathon with the mission to introduce students to Open Source projects and the greater Open Source community and has attracted 1500+ applicants from around the world every year. This year, however, we’re reevaluating the efficacy of the hackathon format in furthering this mission. Instead, we’re hoping our new long-term program with asynchronous mentorship and weekly check-ins will increase retention amongst students, bringing new members to the Open Source community!

We’d love to have somebody from the Pandas team share their experiences with the project and more this year from February 15th-March 5th, 2021 through our new program. As a mentor, you would guide a group of a few passionate and dedicated students through the process of contributing to an open-source project. This would include anything from navigating the codebase to making contributions of their own. We would be grateful to have you join us in bringing new members to the Open Source community!

Please let me know if you’re interested in this event or know anybody else on the team who may be! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to hop on a quick call to discuss your potential involvement!

I’m going to offer to mentor contributions to the docs; reach out to mentor@hackillinois.org contact@hackillinois.org if interested in participating.

Will plan to close this issue after a few days, since there isn’t an action item for the project really.


  • Express interest
  • Meet with organizers
  • Complete mentor registration
  • Collect list of potential projects
    • Specify relative technical difficulty, time commitment, and depth of pandas knowledge required. Maybe other things?

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