H.265 video playing support.

Hi there, I am working on a live streaming web application, and there is a case where HEVC video need to be supported to be played on modern browsers. As w3c is not planning to put HEVC codec in the standards currently, I am managing to implement a HEVC video player through canvas and web audio API. It works quite well via WebAssembly. Thus, I am thinking about making it a plugin to extend web video playing ability, can also be AV1 video player or some thing else in the future.

However, videojs project is mainly working with a video DOM tag, right? If I want to play the video through a canvas tag as a plugin, does that make sense?

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  1. Video.js has a concept of Techs that can be used to swap out how the video is actually rendered. Initially, we just had HTML5 and Flash techs but there are a few other techs at this point.
    Here’s an example tech that allows playing back ogv video via ogvjs in Videojs: https://github.com/hartman/videojs-ogvjs

    Let us know if you have questions implementing that. Feel free to drop by our slack for more real-time help.