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  1. To give an update on this: The Dart team will be actively working on a gRPC implementation for Dart during the coming months, most likely starting early Q1.

  2. Shouldn’t be long now. I have a basic implementation of the client and server runtime in review, which should be posted soon. No guarantees about correctness or interoperability yet, but once that’s landed it’ll be easier to iterate.

  3. First PR has been merged into https://github.com/dart-lang/grpc-dart. Don’t expect to be able to use what’s there out of the box just yet, though.

    The current state is that basic gRPC call functionality works, but “advanced” features like custom metadata, deadlines, and cancellation do not, and I have only done extremely basic interoperability tests against the Go implementation.

    Oh, and there’s no protoc plugin to generate the gRPC stubs yet.

    I plan to file issues for the things I’m working on, so you should be able to follow along on GitHub.

  4. I really should remember to update this thread more often, but tl;dr: Dart gRPC v0.1.0 is on pub.

    See README.md for the route_guide example for instructions on how to generate stubs from protobuf definitions (you’ll need the latest version of protoc_plugin).

    It’s still early days, but the core gRPC implementation Works For Me(tm). When you find issues, please file them!

    Stuff that’s still being worked on is things like easy authentication to Cloud, etc. Right now, you have to manually add authentication headers, but if you get things right, it does work (For Me, at least).

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