Grid Lines for dark theme

I searched the internet, i looked into the source code, but I still cannot find any answer.

All examples of ChartJS that i find are with a light theme. My website has a dark theme, therefore some charts look strange. In particular I have a radar chart, where I need to change the color of the grid as well as labels. On your website I could not find the code for the configuration.

This is such a simple task, I cannot believe that there should not be any parameters for doing this. But which? Radar Chart does not have an xAxis or yAxis, so using these parameters is messing the result even more up.

Please redirect me into the right direction. I love ChartJS but under that circumstances I cannot use it. I need configuration for radar chart on a webpage with black background. It seems grid lines by default are black with some opacity, which doesn’t work on black background.

  • Isabelle

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Grid Lines for dark theme

  1. Just so I understand: y’all built a beautiful, open source charting library but you require an ad-hoc plugin to change the canvas black? Given it’s only seven lines, I’m not sure why it can’t just be one line. backgroundColor: ‘black’ in the chart options.

    Is there a general “theme” support or do we just declare the same colors for every chart? I don’t want to sound like a dick, because I think I’ll be using chartJS and loving it as I do highcharts. :}

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