GLTFLoader: Spec/Gloss materials broken.

Spec/gloss examples are failing on dev. There was another error (see #12173), but with that fixed I still get this message:

GLTFLoader.js:725 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
    at Mesh.refreshUniforms [as onBeforeRender] (GLTFLoader.js:725)
    at renderObject (WebGLRenderer.js:1381)
    at renderObjects (WebGLRenderer.js:1371)
    at WebGLRenderer.render (WebGLRenderer.js:1135)
    at render (webgl_loader_gltf.html:366)
    at animate (webgl_loader_gltf.html:362)

The offending line is:

uniforms.offsetRepeat.value.set( offset.x, offset.y, repeat.x, repeat.y );
Three.js version
  • Dev
  • r87

/cc @takahirox

Author: Fantashit

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