GLTFLoader: Simplified examples

The current glTF examples are functioning as unit tests more than anything else – the code is complex to support all of the options and extensions, has a custom GUI, and isn’t a very easy reference for developers.

I’d like to clean that up: show just a few nice-looking example models and either put each example in a new page (as COLLADA does) or use dat.gui and reduce the complexity of the code.

But from a development perpective it’s helpful having all of the models and extensions to test… What’s a good way to organize this? Proposed:

  • loaders / gltf/ (simple example with one model)
  • loaders / gltf / animation (simple example with one animated model)
  • loaders / gltf / advanced (complex example with many models and extension variations)

/cc @takahirox

Author: Fantashit

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