GLTFLoader: Examples reportedly failing in IE11

Per Stack Overflow (,, GLTFLoader is reportedly not working in IE11 even when the Promise polyfill is included. Our example pages do not include the polyfill at all, and therefore also do not work.

I think we should:

  • Verify Promise polyfill is still the only thing needed to make GLTFLoader work in IE11
  • If not, update either the loader or the docs.
  • Add the promise polyfill to the existing glTF examples, with an <!--[if IE]> block, if we want them to work in IE11.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “GLTFLoader: Examples reportedly failing in IE11

  1. In this case I vote to close the issue since I’m not aware of that we’ve put polyfills in other examples. Besides, the comprehensive documentation page about GLTFLoader already notes the need for a polyfill in context of IE 11.

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