GLTFExporter: glb downloads corrupt on MS Edge

When using the GLTFExporter demo and exporting a binary (.glb) file from MSEdge, the resulting model cannot be viewed in (using any browser). Same problem is happening for .glb models downloaded from Also tried swapping out the download code for downloadjs, no effect.

Example of corrupted file:

Downloads are working as expected from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

@bghgary @sbtron I am wondering if Edge handles the application/octet-stream mimeType vs .glb extension differently?

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “GLTFExporter: glb downloads corrupt on MS Edge

  1. I only have IE11 to test this on, but my Chrome supports TextEncoder while my IE11 does not.
    From GLTFExporter.js:

    function stringToArrayBuffer( text ) {
    	if ( window.TextEncoder !== undefined ) {
    		return new TextEncoder().encode( text ).buffer;
    	var buffer = new ArrayBuffer( text.length * 2 ); // 2 bytes per character.
    	var bufferView = new Uint16Array( buffer );
    	for ( var i = 0; i < text.length; ++ i ) {
    		bufferView[ i ] = text.charCodeAt( i );
    	return buffer;

    Chrome’s TextEncoder has a default encoding of UTF-8, the code above (which IE would then execute) goes for UTF-16 (sorta?). That could explain the 0x00 bytes in the JSON.

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