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  1. EMPTY_ENTITY Entity cannot be empty. /scenes/0/nodes

    We can fix that, it just means that we need to replace {asset: {...}, nodes: []} with {asset: {...}} in the output JSON — empty arrays aren’t allowed.

    But is exporting without any visible nodes basically the same as this?

    exporter.parse( null, function ( result ) {
      // ...
    } );

    I’m not sure we should go to the trouble of constructing an empty .glb file here, even though we could. Surely this is user error, and an exception should be thrown?

    There is a valid case where you might export a scene that just doesn’t contain any meshes. Maybe it’s only Light, Object3D, Camera, and Group objects. In that case the nodes list will have things in it, but the buffers will still be empty. I’m OK with fixing that case.