github Stuck on loading


Install fresh Atom 1.51.0 on Catalina 10.15.6. Cannot connect atom to github account

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Click GitHub bottom right
  2. Click create new repository
  3. Publish GitHub repository screen stuck on “loading” and never prompted to authenticate to GitHub

Expected behavior:
I thought I would be prompted to authenticate to GitHub to connect the GitHub account to Atom. Once Atom knows what account to create or clone a repository too, I should be able to do so.

So a new user to Atom who wants to create a new repository will not be able to do so. Never prompted to create a GitHub authorization token. This is confusing to new users, at least put a message that says “There is no GitHub account authorized to work with Atom. Clone a repository to authorize Atom to use your GitHub account first. you may delete the cloned repository locally when completed, this is necessary to create a repository”. that way end users know how to authorize GitHub. Of course a better option is to run the same methods as clone repository uses when attempting to clone a repository to connected github accounts with lenght zero or null. not sure how you do the check for a github account.

From what I can tell, the GitHub account drop down in create GitHub repository has no error catch for null github accounts so just sticks on “loading…”

Actual behavior:
No way to tell atom what github account to create a new repository in. Stuck on Loading…

So then I thought well maybe they didnt program anything in to allow the first action in atom to create a new GitHub repository and maybe if I clone a repository, I will get prompted to connect my github to Atom.

So I click Clone repository and sure enough

Reproduces how often:


Atom 1.51.0 on Catalina 10.15.6. on Mac running 1TB SSD

5 thoughts on “github Stuck on loading

  1. If you close your current project and then try to clone an existing repo, the login windows shows up properly, you can add the atom api key there and then it will be available in the dropdown.

    It is still a bit buggy, but seems to work.

  2. I used Github desktop to create the repo, then opened with Atom. Once the first repo was published, the login process in Atom kicked into gear.