Gin response 404 with latest version (1.6.3) on Haproxy

We are using Haproxy on our server. Our gin version was v1.4.0 end everyting was working great. However when I updated gin v.1.6.3, the service always responded with 404 in all routes. By the way, when I try to access directly, the responses are OK. So the problem is about Haproxy and gin v.1.6.3 I think.

Our Haproxy configuration is:

backend user-service
   reqrep ^([^\ ]*)\ /user(.*)     \1\ /\2
   balance roundrobin
   server manager01

My dummy test service which responds 404 is this:

package main

import (

func main() {
	router := gin.Default()
	router.POST("/test", func(c *gin.Context) {
		name := c.Param("name")
		c.String(http.StatusOK, "Hello %%s", name)

Should it be a bug or something in this version?


  • go version: 1.4.2
  • gin version 1.6.3
  • operating system: Ubuntu 18.04

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