Getting to know about dart-sdk (for begginer)

I have recently build the dart-sdk and now I want to contribute to it but now I am totally confused, I have seen the Contributing.MD and also the issues but I am confused with the directories as to where should I make the code changes. By the way, my motive here is to participate in GSoC 2021 with dart if possible.
I have run some tests but all of them failed but up till now and I have no idea what I am doing. I know a fair amount of dart, c++ and I’ve also used flutter.
I would also like to know where I can ask my questions related to dart-sdk since this may not be the ideal way.
I would like to work on this idea but I don’t know how exactly should I start. I would also like to know where can I get my knowledge regarding the directories and other stuff.
Thank you

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  1. I think the best is to use GSoC specific mailing list ( @jonasfj @dcharkes might suggest other possible approaches.

    There is no document that describes SDK source tree structure. Different parts of the SDK use different workflows, etc. You need to work with the respective mentor to figure out where to start, e.g. if your project concerns pubspec.yaml format then you most likely going to be working on pub tool. pub source lives in a separate repo ( which gets pulled into sdk/third_party/pkg/pub in the overall SDK checkout.