geometry.clone() doesn’t copy reference to bones/skinweights/animations etc.

There are a few things which geometry.clone() doesn’t copy a reference to, which it should.


are all left without references to the original, which leads to skinning being broken unless the references to those are manually copied. I think references should be passed as it’s less confusing, but I don’t think they should be deep copies, or this would lead to mostly wasted memory.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “geometry.clone() doesn’t copy reference to bones/skinweights/animations etc.

  1. Cloning an FBX model from Mixamo also breaks with the same issue: Skeleton/bones aren’t cloned. If you attempt to clone them manually, the entire model isn’t rendered at all.

    R87. Using the latest FBXLoader that was updated 8 days ago at time of writing.

  2. Following up here, #14494 includes a utility function to help with cloning skinned meshes:

    var copy = SkeletonUtils.clone( original );

    The object given as a parameter may be a SkinnedMesh or an Object3D or Scene containing one or more SkinnedMesh instances. Any bones referenced by the SkinnedMesh(es) must also be children of the given object.

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