Fullscreen on Mac still shows window title and kiosk mode not working

I have the following code that creates a fullscreen window on OS X

atom-shell: 0.20.7

app.on('ready', function() {

    var Screen = require('screen');

    var size = Screen.getPrimaryDisplay().size;

    var width = size.width;
    var height = size.height;

    // Create the browser window.
    mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
      'width': width,
      'height': height,
      'max-width': width,
      'max-height': height,
      'fullscreen': true,
      'frame': false,
      'kiosk': true,
      'transparent': true,
      'show': true,
      'resizable': false


I have set the window to be the width and height of the window (this is because on OS X, you have a fullscreen API so windows can be fullscreen with any width or height.).

I have also set the window to be transparent, this is because if you hover your mouse over the menu bar then the window title slides down (grey with title). I have also disabled the frame to remove the shadows and rounded corners from the window.

However there are a couple of bugs:

1.) The window title bar still appears when you hover the menubar (even in transparent mode) the titlebar still appears (although the grey bar and title itself are removed).

screen shot 2015-01-25 at 13 23 59

2.) Is it possible to disable the menubar and dock when in fullscreen mode? I thought of using Kiosk mode, but even when I have that set to true, I can still access the menubar and dock!
If I set the fullscreen to false then the kiosk mode works. It has to be set to false though, not setting the fullscreen option or setting it to null breaks the kiosk mode again.

1 thought on “Fullscreen on Mac still shows window title and kiosk mode not working

  1. After looking into this, I’m afraid this looks more like a bug of OS X 10.10 to me, and since kiosk mode works perfectly OS X 10.11, I’m closing this as won’t fix.

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