Frequent recurring freezing on Windows

I am getting random freezes and crashes on Windows 7. I am using Atom version 0.209.0.

Freezing occurs randomly (i.e. not all the time) when:

  • changing values in the settings window.
  • opening files (infrequent, big files seem to cause crashes more often).
  • installing packages
  • uninstalling packages
  • closing tabs

I can’t find any log files to get more information. The program is completely unresponsive and devtools console is not updated.

4 thoughts on “Frequent recurring freezing on Windows

  1. This is happening to me on Windows 8.1 too. Constant freezing during and sometimes after package installations. It is extremely annoying.

  2. I am getting the same issues.
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Atom 1.13.0 ia32
    Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

    Sometimes it freezes permanently, other times the file menu remains “usable” and selecting “File =>Exit”, it will remain open for quite a while then close.


  3. My latest Atom v1.19.0-beta2 on Windows 10 freezes constantly (every 5 seconds), it’s totally unusable. I cant write code. It used to work pretty well a few months ago.
    My computer is running fine, CPU usage around 10%%, disk ~2%%, memory ~40%%.

    I’m uninstalling Atom from my computer until this is fixed. UNACCEPTABLE.