FR: Kids category app rejection “-[APMIdentity retrieveAdTrackingConsentStatus]”

We’ve updated Firebase 7.8.0 but got the rejection again.
Apple said they detected the “-[APMIdentity retrieveAdTrackingConsentStatus]” which can be a part of Tracking Transparency framework, which is used when apps collect data about users and share it with third-parties for tracking purposes.

  - FirebaseAnalytics (7.8.0):
    - FirebaseCore (~> 7.0)
    - FirebaseInstallations (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleAppMeasurement (= 7.8.0)
    - GoogleUtilities/AppDelegateSwizzler (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleUtilities/MethodSwizzler (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleUtilities/Network (~> 7.0)
    - "GoogleUtilities/NSData+zlib (~> 7.0)"

We noticed that the it could be inside the GoogleAppMeasurement:

`grep -ir retrieveAdTrackingConsentStatus .`
`Binary file ./Pods/GoogleAppMeasurement/Frameworks/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework/ios-arm64_i386_x86_64-simulator/GoogleAppMeasurement.framework/GoogleAppMeasurement matches`
`Binary file ./Pods/GoogleAppMeasurement/Frameworks/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework/ios-arm64_armv7/GoogleAppMeasurement.framework/GoogleAppMeasurement matches`

Do you have any solution fo this situation? 🙏

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2 thoughts on “FR: Kids category app rejection “-[APMIdentity retrieveAdTrackingConsentStatus]”

  1. Hey folks, sincere apologies for the trouble you’re seeing here. I’ll escalate this immediately and we’ll report back ASAP. Note that a lot of the folks involved are in California so it’ll be a couple of hours before they’re up and online, but this is a top priority for us to unblock everyone.

  2. Hi everyone,

    We just released Firebase 7.8.1 on CocoaPods and Swift Package Manager and this hopefully fixes the issue. Please update and let us know if you face the rejection again and we’ll re-open this bug. Thanks for your patience!