FR: Can NSUserTrackingUsageDescription be removed for GoogleAppMeasurement in FirebaseAnalytics.

Feature proposal

Ability to optionally remove the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription and IDFA usage request for GoogleAppMeasurement within FirebaseAnalytics, thereby increasing compliance with Apple guidelines for child category applications.

  • Firebase Component: Google Analytics for Firebase

Hi, we are using the “7.7.0” version of FirebaseAnalytics with CocoaPods for our iOS application. As follows;

pod 'Firebase / Analytics', '~> 7.7.0'

Since we are developing applications for children, we received the following reject message in our latest application update for the App Store.

  • Your app implements the App Tracking Transparency framework, which is used when apps collect data about users and share it with third-parties for tracking purposes. Since Kids Category apps are not allowed to collect, transmit or share identifiable information with third-parties, you should not implement App Tracking Transparency in your app.

We do not use AppTrackingTransparency in our project, but we made the following query in the Project file to determine which library uses it;

grep -r NSUserTrackingUsageDescription .

We noticed that the findings could be within GoogleAppMeasurement as follows;

Binary file ./Pods/GoogleAppMeasurement/Frameworks/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework/ios-arm64_i386_x86_64-simulator/GoogleAppMeasurement.framework/GoogleAppMeasurement matches
Binary file ./Pods/GoogleAppMeasurement/Frameworks/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework/ios-arm64_armv7/GoogleAppMeasurement.framework/GoogleAppMeasurement matches

We have not made a separate addition for GoogleAppMeasurement within the pod. It is included in the project from within FirebaseAnalytics as follows.

FirebaseAnalytics (7.7.0):
    - FirebaseCore (~> 7.0)
    - FirebaseInstallations (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleAppMeasurement (= 7.7.0)
    - GoogleUtilities / AppDelegateSwizzler (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleUtilities / MethodSwizzler (~> 7.0)
    - GoogleUtilities / Network (~> 7.0)
    - "GoogleUtilities / NSData + zlib (~> 7.0)"

Do you have any solution suggestions for this situation? For example, is there a version of FirebaseAnalytics not included in GoogleAppMeasurement? Or can we remove the use of AppTrackingTransparency for GoogleAppMeasurement or add a feature like this?

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  1. Hey folks – thanks for the reports. This is top of mind for us and we’ll update this thread today with more details. Sorry for trouble caused.