FR:advertisingIdentifierString reason for apple rejection.

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As we discussed, we continue to find that your Kids app includes third-party analytics with the ability to collect and transmit IDFA. Specifically, in the “APMIdentity class”, there is a selector “advertisingIdentifierString”

So I create an breakpoint
and it results in APMASIdentifierManager not APMIdentity as apple says.
-[APMASIdentifierManager advertisingIdentifierString]

I see it gets disabled when I modify info.plist


However I also see there is absolutely no stack trace to what calls the thread with APMASIdentifierManager, so something? I’m guessing an unmodifiable library calls it. and apple is telling us it’s impossible to disable.

So is apple right, are my efforts to try and keep Firebase analytics in the app impossible with:
IDFA disabled
In a way apple trusts it’s disabled.

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  1. We’re looking at a fix that makes it clearer that the FirebaseAnalytics pod only uses AdSupport framework if it’s linked.

    For commentors on the issue who have experienced app store rejection, could you please email me at I’d like to get some more details on your specific rejections.