1 thought on “Fog and `scene.background` not affected by gammaOutput=true

  1. since … one would normally want the fog color to match the clear color, fog is not affected either.

    Ah, that makes sense.

    Can you provide an example to demonstrate where [scene.background + gammaOutput] is not working?

    Oh, I was referring to a solid color, like scene.background = new THREE.Color(0x4285f4). Now that I check the docs, it just sets clear color anyway, so that explains that. 🙂

    I won’t suggest changing this, then. As we discuss an API to replace gammaInput/gammaOutput, this behavior seems fine. I’ll get inconsistent results when setting #4285f4 on fog vs on a material in the scene, but if anything I think that’s an argument to reconsider how color inputs to materials are handled, rather than changing this.


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